Conduct a Fire Safety Check

The importance of fire safety can never be overstated and it something that you should do both at home and at your business premises. Regardless of the size of your building, there are certain checks that should always be conducted. Often people are not really sure of what checks need to be carried out and how often they should be done. If you are in charge of fire safety in your commercial building, here is our guide to what you should be doing and how frequently.Learn more about them at this website.

-Daily Checks

Some people mistakenly think that fire checks don’t need to be conducted daily. Whilst this is the case with somethings such as fire alarm checks, some more basic checks need to be done. Every day, if you are the person responsible for fire safety, or a designated responsible person, should meticulously check ALL escape routes and fire exits to ensure that they are clear of any obstructions.

Whilst we pointed out that you don’t need to check the fire alarm every day you should check its panel for any error messages or problems. The alarm panel should be in an obvious place such as in the reception where people can easily notice if an error has occurred – usually, this will be incorrect lighting.

-Weekly Checks

Although this may sound a little excessive, it is a good idea to check that all bells are in full working order and can be heard throughout the building. Always warn people prior to a test or alternatively conduct the test when few people are present. You will probably need assistance with this so again, refer to your trusted colleague or colleagues to help you.

-Monthly Checks

Fire extinguishers are important in any building but just having them present is not enough. You need to make sure that they are in full working order so we would suggest conducting a visual check every month. This involves checking that they are in the correct place, they should never be used to prop doors open, that the safety pin is engaged and that they are correctly pressurised.

-Quarterly Checks

Your emergency lighting will need to be tested quarterly and this should be done by an appropriately qualified election or ideally, a fire protection company. The Fire Detection System (FDS), should also be tested quarterly and this needs to be done by an authorised vendor, usually the fire protection company that installed it.

-Six Monthly Checks

A physical check of all internal fire doors should be conducted. This involves checking the seals and that they close correctly. If you have fire hydrant outside your property these also need to be checked and all signage should be clearly visible. We suggested that fire drills are conducted 6 monthly too as this will keep fire procedures fresh in people’s mind.

-Annual Checks

Fire Extinguishers need to be checked by an authorised fire protection company.


Records need to be kept of all check that you conduct. It should go without saying that you also need to retain all certificates in case of a fire inspection.